Ex UK & USA Terms and Conditions

What’s The Meaning of Ex-UK & US Products?

Ex-UK and US devices are those that have been previously used in the United Kingdom and United States. These devices are simply be second-hand devices. Ex-UK and US  phones are typically cheaper than new devices, making them a good option for those on a budget. It is important to note that these devices have the same features and specifications as new devices despite of them being used before.

Everyone wants the best device when buying a new phone. One might have to spend a significant amount of money to be amazed by the performance, speed, and digital agility. However, there are those on the other side who want to get these amazing phone features at a more reasonable and affordable price. The only logical choices are second hand products which have been used already but are in good condition and meet the buyers desires and are budget friendly.

Why Go for EX-UK Products?


The main reason is that the EX-UK/US Phone are affordable and help you save more money. EX-UK/US phones are a lot cheaper compared to buying the same ones when it’s new. Fortunately, these types of product comes with better specs, so sometimes they are of higher quality, for example Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra goes at around Ksh 122,000 at LinkPhones Center, while EX-UK/US Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra goes at around Ksh 86,000 at the same store(LinkPhones center). It’s also worth noting that when buying ex-UK phones  you can get more than one item for the same amount it would have cost to buy a new item. Relatively speaking, as a buyer, you can get the same or better functionality than the new model at a much lower price.


There is nothing quite like the feeling of finding a product for a fraction of the price, especially the price of a used Phones at LinkPhones Center. The excitement that comes with it is certainly satisfying. However, you may not find the exact phone you are looking for, but it may be something very similar. You as a buyer can get more for your money. Sometimes people are more attracted to a certain brand than others. It helps to take the time to explore your options and look around. This will help you have more choices and you can discover a brand you are not familiar with. In addition, this phone can be of the same quality or even better.


Here at LinkPhones Center we sell the best  used products from  UK & USA with 6 months Shop warranty and a 3 day return policy for faulty products. That tells you that you shouldn’t worry about what happens if you buy the products and after a week or 2 you discover there is something wrong with your device. Although we offer warranty on EX-UK and US products, the warranty does not cover their accessories thus you have to check and ascertain the accessories work properly before leaving the shop.


From the above discussion, there are some of benefits of  buying Ex-UK Phones from LinkPhones Center. From my opinion and primarily based totally on value and environment, you must sincerely purchase more Ex-UK Phones as long as you’re taking the vital precautions, i.e. thorough inspection and trying out before purchasing. At the end of the day, it comes down to creating a desire primarily based  on the buyer’s decision. The key element is squeezing a great deal value out of the product purchased. At LinkPhones Center we have the best EX-UK and US Second hand Products which include Laptops, Phones, Cameras and Gaming Consoles(PS4 & PS5) in the  market at low prices.